Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Class of 2010

Here are some of us saying our final goodbyes for 2010. We've had a successful year and I hope it's been good for all of you too.
Room 7 and Mrs Boyer

Christmas Wish

Hi Everyone,
Room Seven just wants to wish all our supporters and readers all the very best for Christmas and for 2011. Thank you very much for your comments which encouraged us to keep going. Many of us are off to new schools and we hope we will be able to keep up with our e-learning and blogging. Look for us on the Tamaki Intermediate blog site from February 2011.
Room 7 Students and Mrs Boyer
PS Merry Kiwi Christmas to Katya from Waikato University from the secret Christmas elf

Hop Scotch

Hi I'm Sariah and the illustration up above is a picture of the Hop Scotch I drew.
Can you tell me which Hop Scotch is
right? Are they all right or all wrong? Is just one right? Just comment and tell me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mangroves

Mangroves are trees that grow in salt or fresh water. The Mangroves have special seeds. Magroves are special because they provide food for sea creatures. Mangroves are self seeding.Mangroves feed fish and those fish provide food for humans.Mangroves trap sediment and help keep the water clean. There are a variety of animals that live in the Mangroves including Mudskippers. The mangroves are important because they stop the sediment from dirtying the ocean and they provide a home for fish.


Mangroves look like small trees except that they grow in the sea. Mangroves are a very helpful plants because they provide a home for sea creatures, food for insects and sea creatures as well. Did you know their roots that are filled with oxygen help us breathe.

Mangroves live in clean water or salty water which is called an estuary. They also need sunlight so they can grow. While they are growing, they need space so they don't interfere with the others.

Mangroves provide food , a home and their prop roots give us oxygen to breathe through. They have special fruit for snails and other species.

There are many sea creatures that live there: mud crabs, mud skippers, crabs and others.

Other animals live there as well: birds, butterflies and many more.

Mangroves are important because if they weren't invented then sea creatures wouldn't have a home, some food humans use their prop roots for oxygen to breathe.

I think mangroves are very important and they should not die. They are important, if they weren't there we won't have any oxygen to breath through.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aue te Aroha

Hi. This movie was produced by a bunch of Glenbrae Room 7 'Word Power Personality' blogger students to show people mixtures of cultures that have demonstrated courage and leadership. Also to respect to all those Maori warriors who showed strength(mana) for New Zealand. It has actions that tell a story and you can follow along with them.
Kia kaha. Meri Kirihimeti.

Monday, November 22, 2010

E Honore

Hi Everyone,
Today we were representing Glenbrae School at a kid's peace conference at the Aotea Centre. At lunchtime, they had a concert and anyone who wanted to, could do an item. We sang E Honore. See the next post for more photos and information on our awesome day.
Lisiate, Tame'e. Chris and Joan

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tupac's Holiday Acrostic Poem

Hi my name Tupac. I am 11 years old and this is my poem about a barbeque I had in my holidays.

Tatiana's Holiday Acrostic Poem

Hi my name is Tatiana and I am in year 6 at Glenbrae School. This is my poem about a holiday experience at the cinemas to watch a great movie called 'Despicable Me'.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lisiate's Holiday Acrostic Poem

My name is Lisiate. I am a year 5 student at Glenbrae School. I spent time at the park in the holidays, having fun with my family. My poem is about things I did with my family at the park.

Tame'e's Holiday Acrostic Poem

Hi. I'm Tame'e. In the holidays, I went to the beach with my family. I hope you like the acrostic poem I wrote about it.

Keren's Holiday Acrostic Poem

Hi, I'm Keren and this is my first podcast. I have enjoyed making it even though it has taken a long time. It was hard to get the pictures to match the words properly. I hope you like my poem and the pictures I have used to illustrate it.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hi. My name is Sariah. I made this podcast so I could share my holiday writing with you.
I spent a lot of time with my Nan who was sick in hospital.
I hope you enjoy my poem.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shapes That Were Never Found By Sariah

This term in Rm7 we have been learning about
musical instruments. I have created a piece of Art based on
Pablo Picasso's art work. I have worked my way up from scratch
to create a successful piece of cubist Art.
I call my art work 'Shapes That Were Never Found'.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Instrument Art work

I drew four different instruments. I did the background for my art work. My art work is called 'The Instrument Art Work'.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gary's Cubist

During term 3 I have been working on my music art .I have used three different instruments and made them out of three different coloured papers. Picasso was the first person to do cubism artwork.
My art work is called 'Gary's Cubist Art'.

Tamika's Piassco look a like.

For the past few weeks, I have chosen four musical instruments to sketch on four different coloured papers. My goal was to choose different textured paper to use, to design my background. The person who inspired me was Pablo Picasso. His art work had all straight blocks. It's called cubist style. I tried to make my art work successful and to make my musical instruments stand out in front of my colourful background.
My art work is called 'Four Different Musical Instruments on a Coloured background'.

By Tamika.

James's Musical Instruments

During term 3, I have been drawing and I drew four different instruments.
The instruments I chose are the Ukelele the Maraca and the tuned bells.
My art work is called Musical Instruments.

Nathaniel's cubist picasso artwork

Our art project for term 3 is around Picasso's cubist work.We started out sketching on scrap paper to doing the real thing.Then we pasted it on a piece of brownish paper with many other colored pieces of paper.I'm thinking of calling it four instruments with color.It was a really thrilling experience creating the artwork.

Musical Magic

Our artwork project for term 3 is based on Picasso because he puts different kinds of musical instruments in his artwork. In my artwork, I have drawn a guiro, a ukulele, a recorder and a maraca.
My artwork is called "Musical Magic'.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ashleighs Amzing Artwork

Over the last few weeks I have chosen four different kinds of instruments. I have sketched
them on different colours of paper. I used textured paper for the background to make it more realistic.
My goal is to make my artwork as accurate as can be
I hope you think I achieved my goal. My artwork is called Musical Instruments.
Our artwork is on Pablo Picasso. His work is so so so fantastic.

Instrument around the world

During term3 I have been drawing four kinds of instrument with four different kinds of paper.

Our art project for term3 is musical instruments. We tried to make an artwork like Pablo Picasso's art.
My artwork is called 'Instruments Around the World'.

Nayan's artwork

During the term, we worked hard on art musical instrument. I chose 4 different musical instruments and there are Guitar, 2 shaker and a recorder because their sound.Sometimes
I hate the guitar because I keep hurt my fingers at once. Then I cut nicely my musical instrument
out, I pasted them on and stuck them on my poster.I'm proud of what I do and try my best.

I hope my parents will be proud of me.

By Nayan

Meli's artwork

Two weeks past I have been working hard on my instrument poster. I chose Guitar, 2 shakers and
a recorder because they were my favourite instruments when I was little girl. Then I cut and pasted the background.

I hope my parents will be proud of me.

By Meli


During term 3 I have been drawing 3 different kinds of instruments to stick on my art work.
Our art project for term 3 is based on Picasso and his brilliant cubist ideas.I just love his piece of art work!
When we saw Picasso's perfect style we thought we would make our own!We had to call our art work something so I called mine The Three Colourful Lost Instruments I hope you like it!

Nepote Shapist

During our term 3 I have been working on my Picasso's cubist art work. It was quite challenging but I got through it by following instructions. I call my art work Shapist

Tupac Glenbrae room7 Picasso cubist artwork

During Term 3, I have been remaking Picasso and his cubist art work. I call it Musical Mayhem.I put my favorite instruments like the guitar,maraca and more. I chose cubist because it's very famous and it looks easy but its harder than it seems.

My Art Work Is Called 'My Guiro'

During term 3 , I have been doing my art instruments and stick it to a big chart. We draw different instrument. Our art work for term 3, was drawing like Picasso.We do art works.We drew the quiro. We used shiny papers and also music papers. Picasso has been our model for a cubist art work this term .

Lisiate's artwork 'Guiro meets Maraca'

During term 3 I have chosen 4 different instruments and drew the 4 coloured papers.
Our art project for term 3 is based on Pablo Picasso because he puts different kind of shapes in his artwork.Picasso has been our model for a cubist art work this week.

Tame'es Famous Picasso Work

Our art project for term3 was about Picasso and his fantastic art called Cubism. It looked cool, so we made our own. We had to call our artwork something so I called mine, 'The Four Musical Instruments'.

Hope you like it.

Tualei's Art work

During Term3 I have been working on my art work and we drew on four different papers.We had a look at the instruments then we drew on the papers.I made a background from papers of different colours and textures.Then I glued my instrument drawing on top.I call my art work 'Intsrument Tiger'.

Myo Htat Art Work

Our art project for term 3.Was musical instruments.We all drew 4 instruments but I only drew 3 it was fun.I like art.We were looking at Picasso he called it cubist but i call mine Myotist

Veronica's Musical Instruments Mix

WOW!!! It's been a very hard term this term. What I've been doing for the last few weeks is finishing some art. I have called it my 'Musical Mix Instruments'.
I tried to make it look 3D and I wanted it to stand out and look old.
I used four different pieces of paper so I could get it to look different from other room 7's artwork .I made the background with all sorts of textured and coloured papers. I hope you love my artwork.


Pene Melvin artwork

Our art work project for term 3 was about instruments.I drew and sketched my instruments on four different coloured papers for the four different instruments.My four instruments are the guitar the maraca the tuned bells and finally the guiro.We had to put instruments with different material textures of papers on our backround.The name for my artwork is 'Colourful And Beautiful'.

Saia's art work

During term 3 I have been looking at Picasso's Art work for my model. First I had to draw up 4 different instruments on 4 different papers. When I finished I chose lots of different materials and coloured papers and I stuck them all on at an angle. The instruments I drew up are a ukulele, tuned bells, a maraca and a guiro.
My famous painting is called Different Colourz!!

Keren's Musical Mix

During our 3rd term, I have been working on a cubist piece of artwork.While I was working on it, I found interesting ways to display my work. When I was working on my art, I had a role model called Pablo Picasso . He inspired me and my class mates to use blocks of colour to make our pictures of instruments stand out. My Instruments represent different textures.
My artwork is called 'The Musical Still Life'.

By Keren Eliu

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Last week, Glenbrae Senior School students had our cross country race. We ran around Leybourne Circle which is 1.5 kilometres.
We had been training hard but it was still very tiring to run that far. All of us were puffed out when we got to the finish line up at the fale.
Nathaniel and Tupac were waiting in the fale to time us.
We are now training hard for our athletics sports next term.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Maui and The Sun

Hi Everyone,
I hope you enjoy my retell of this famous Maori legend called Maui and the Sun.

One day I woke up early and it was still dark but the sun hadn't risen yet . I'm feeling so excited . Today is a wonderful day to go fishing with my brothers . Maybe I'll tell my brothers .

"Hey guys today is a wonderful day to fishing" .

"No! Last time YOU TURNED YOURSELF INTO A HAWK" replied my first brother .

"Yeah Last time is was a real problem" replied my other brother .

"Ok I won't do that again".

"Ok Let's give him a chance but don't do anything stupid" .

"I promise ", I said cheerfully .

At last we're finally in a waka and we just tried to lower the fishing net into the sea .

"I have a plan let's teach that lazy sun a lesson" .

"But your plans never work" .

"Do you guys have a plan?" .

"Ok it all yours" .

"Here it goes again" .

"Ok here's the plan. We're gonna build a flax net over the Eastern Mountain and then when the sun comes up I'll teach that lazy sun a lesson he'll never forget with granny's jawbone" .

"Guys we have no time for mucking around" .

"Come on you guys, we're going to get the enormous ropes before the sun comes up" I shouted to my brothers . "As soon the lazy sun comes up from behind the Eastern Mountains, we'll
waiting with our flax ropes " .

"Why are you hitting me for? What did I do?!" screamed the lazy sun" .

"You're going to be slowly going across the sky lazy sun," I screamed back.

"Ok I promise I"ll slow down. I'll do anything you say aif you'll just stop hitting me," promised the sun .

"Boys let him go ," I command my brothers" .

"But remember sun! Don't forget " .

"What a wonderful hot day" .

"Hey Maui that was a brilliant plan you came up with ," said my brother .

"I thought your plan would never work ".

"By the way It was nothing ," I said cheerfully .

"Hey guys I think I've got the most HUMUGNGOUS fish I've ever seen in my whole life " .

At least the sun goes slowly now .

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oil Fires in the Kitchen

Glenbrae School students visited the Mt Wellington Fire Station on Friday as part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe study this term. We were lucky enough to have an ex-Glenbrae School student ( from 1954) George Saunders as our guide. I think we got to see lots of extra things because of this. Here are some letters of thanks from the students in Room 7. We hope you like the video. REMEMBER- never put water on an oil fire.

Dear George Saunders,
I am writing to say thank you for letting us come to the fire station.We appreciate it very much.
I learned that you should never try to put out an oil fire with water. If you do, you will get burnt and most probably die.

Your Sincerely
Pene (Year 6)

Dear George,
I am writing to say thanks for having us at the fire station. We had fun.
I learnt don't put water in burning oil because everything will burn.

Yours Sincerely
Joshua (Year 6

Dear George,
Thank you so much for spending such a wonderful time with us!! I bet not all schools see as much as we did.
The greatest thing that I learnt was that you must LOOK WHEN YOU COOK!
We all learnt heaps. It was an extraordinary trip.
Once again, thank-you very much.
You're that BEST!
Yours Sincerely
Davinia ( year 5)

Dear George,
I am thankful for the goodies and for you having us at the station.

I will remind my parents of everything you taught us.

Yours Sincerely
Oshyne (Year 5)

Dear George,
Hi, my name is Sariah and I would like to thank you for having Glenbrae at the fire station.
At the time you showed us the kitchen fire experiment, I was so amazed that just by putting water on an oil fire could really make it so much bigger.
Once again, a huge thank you for making time for Glenbrae School to come and visit.

Yours Sincerely
Sariah (Year 6)

Dear George,
I am writing to say thank you for giving the Glenbrae School students a tour of the fire station.
We all learnt to never pour water on a fire but an adult could block the fire with wood, plastic or a wet cloth.

Myo Htat (Year 6)

Fire officers

Dear George,
Thank-you for having us at the Mt Wellington Fire Station.
Glenbrae School students are very lucky to be able to go over the fire station.
When I grow up, I want to be just like you.
Room 7

Dear George,
I am writing to you to say thank-you for letting us into the fire station.
I learnt everything about fire.

Yours Sincerely
Tualei (Year 6)

Dear George,
I am writing to say thank-you for having Glenbrae at the fire station.
I learnt that we should never hide under beds in a fire and never put oil on a flame.

Yours Sincerely
Lisiate (Year 5)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Losing my Baby Sister

My name is Tiana. I am in Year 6. I hope you like my narrative about the time my baby sister got lost. I created this wordle to check the kind of vocabulary I am using. The results show I have used some interesting verbs..
My goals are to use more complex sentences, use dialogue and describe my characters in more detail. I think I have achieved these goals but I would love some feeback from you.

Baby-Sitting Jayne.

Oh no, here we go again! Today Mum set off to go do the supermarket shopping leaving me at home to babysit my younger sister Jayne.

My baby sister sat on the couch looking innocent. We sat on the couch but in a few minutes she was dead asleep. I made her bed and put her to sleep. I continued watching television. An hour later I fell asleep. I woke up from my peaceful nap. I went to check-up on my Baby Sister but the bed was empty.
"Jayne,"I screamed.
I was worried that she must have gone out on the road and had an accident because the door was wide open. I ran out side but she was nowhere to be found. Mum arrived home.
"Where's your Baby Sister?" she yelled out loud.
I squeaked, "She has disappeared."
Mum started to panic. She rushed into the house like she desperately needed water.Except she didn't really need water. She looked in the phone book and rang the police station.They asked what Jayne was wearing.
Mum cried, "She was wearing blue pants,a red jumper and black socks."
The Officer said,"You're in luck Mrs, we found her walking and crying out on the footpath."
Mum was in tears when she heard the officer say they found Jayne . Mum rushed to the car and drove to the Police station. When my Mum took her first step into the Officer's office, Jayne knew straight away it was my Mum. My Mum threw her arms around Jayne and thanked the Officer. Mum bought Jayne safely home.

I learnt my lesson. Next time I have to babysit, I will not go to sleep until Mum gets home.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Safety Rap

Hi to all our readers. Room 7 have been studying all about being safe this term. We really liked this rap and our student teacher, Miss Tai (you can see her in the background of the video)helped us to create some moves to match the words. The words tell us to be responsible when we are out on our own and gives us questions to ask ourselves before we go with someone. Mr Munnik has filmed us as well so look out for us on School's Inc very soon.

Lost at Home

Hi everybody. My name is Keren and I have written a story about losing my baby sister Uliea. My goals are to use dialogue and punctuate it correctly, write complex sentences and use the correct tense in my writing. How do you think I did?

The Disappearance of Uliea

Oh no!, I have a feeling mum's going to ask me to babysit my little sister ,Uliea.

"Uh good morning Keren, is it all right if you babysit your little sister Uliea while I go up the road? "

Noooo! This is a nightmare! Uliea is very fast and sometimes runs away from me.

"Come on Uliea let's go outside and play a bit of cricket."

I turned around for a split second and she disappeared. I started to panic and ran up and down the road knocking on people's doors, but I accidentally missed one house because I thought I saw her but it was a cat. So then I went back and knocked on the person's door that I missed. A lady answered the door.

"Hello dear are you lost? My name is Barell"

" No. My little sister is lost. Her name is Uliea"

Then I saw Uliea. She was in Barrell's house. Thank goodness Uliea was safe.
"Thank you" I said gratefully.

Anyway mum never knew anything about this. I was lucky I didn't get BUSTED!
By Keren

Lost at the Sky Tower

Hello. My name is Tame'e and I am in Year 5. I have written a narrative about being lost. My goals are to use dialogue and entertain my audience. I hope you enjoy my story.


Last night my mum, Inoke and I went to the biggest tower in Auckland. It is called the Sky Tower. When we got there I screamed "YEAH!!!".Then my mum called, "Let's go inside."

We went inside and looked at the beautiful lights and art.
My mum said, "Stay here with Inoke and I'll go to the toilet."
So off she went.
I saw my friend Davinia and I ran towards her and we started talking. I left Inoke on the seat.
When I came back, he was gone. I was so worried about that. Then my mum came back. She saw that I was crying
She said, "Where is Inoke?"I went to the toilet and saw him running to my mum.
I said "Where were you"I was so relieved to see Inoke that I hugged him tight. I told him never to go away by himself again.

Lost at Vector Arena

Hi. I'm Tatiana. I'm in year 6. I hope you enjoy my narrative about being lost. My goals are to use dialogue and punctuate it correctly, use interesting verbs instead of 'said' and to entertain my audience.

"Come on," I thought to myself," hurry up."
I was waiting in line outside the Vector Arena with my uncle Tonga and my brother Jeremiah.
"We have been standing out here for ages Uncle Tonga! " I shouted.
Finally the gates opened. We paid for our tickets then rushed inside. My uncle, brother and I were so relieved when we found out we had the front seats. All the lights went off except for the green and purple stage lights. It was so dark, but I was lucky because my green outfit glowed. Suddenly a girl dressed in an awkward looking costume came up on stage. I
knew who it was.
"Its LADY GAGA!!!", I screamed.
The crowd was screaming like they were crazy. The first song she sang was called 'Just Dance'. Her songs didn't sound quite as good as they do on television, but they still sounded great.
After a while I was getting hungry so my uncle Tonga told my 11 year old brother, Jeremiah, to take me to get something to eat. My brother took me to get popcorn. After we got the popcorn we headed back to my uncle. I really struggled trying to keep behind him because there was heaps of people walking around.
Then I realised I was .......lost. I walked everywhere trying to find my brother. I was panicking so much that I started to cry. While I was crying, a lady dressed like she worked there came up to me and asked,
"Are you OK?."
"No," I said "I'm lost and I don't know where my uncle is".
She felt very sorry for me, so she took me back to the place where I got my popcorn. She said that I should wait here just in case my brother or uncle came to look for me. It was almost an hour and nobody had showed up to claim me.
Suddenly I saw someone in a Bob Marley shirt with black tight jeans heading towards me. Then I knew who it was. "UNCLE!!!", I yelled.
I ran like speeding lightning to him.
From then on I stuck like glue to my uncle and brother so I wouldn't get lost ever ...again.

From Tatiana

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Book review

Hi My name is Gary. I'm really enjoying reading my' Caught Being Good' book called 'Numbskulls'.
The author is William Taylor.
It's a narrative about having a new baby in the house. The main characters are Alex, Dad, Mum and Alice. It is set at Alex's family's house.
I think you should read this book if you are interested in funny stories about families and babies.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Advice from Tina Cross

Taisha and Tina were talking to us about following our dreams, holding on to them no matter what and never letting go. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Never be shy to show your talents and always give things a go. I am not shy about singing at church so I am going to try to be confident and show my talents at school and never give up my dreams.

Taisha and Tina Cross

Tina and Taisha are really good singers. In this video clip, they are singing the Bob Marley song 'Let There Be Love'. They came to Glenbrae Primary School to tell us if we had a dream to be a singer or anything else, we should just do it and not let anything stop us. I loved the way they sang because they sang in nice voices and they could play music on their guitar. I would like to learn to play the guitar so I can sing lots of songs.

Visit From Tina and Taisha

Glenbrae Senior school was lucky yesterday because we saw Tina Cross and Taisha singing in our library. They came to practise on us because they are going to do this show in country schools and they wanted to know if we liked it.
In this video, Tina and Taisha are singing Feeling Good. We really thought they were wonderful singers because they sang loudly and it was easy to hear the words. We liked Taisha's guitar playing and Tina's ukelele playing.

Tina Cross, famous New Zealand singer.

Wow! I never heard that song before. It was Tina
Cross and Taisha, from the Lady Killers that came to Glenbrae school. Rooms 7, 8 and 9 were
so excited. Tina and Taisha sang a few songs and they wanted all of us to sing too. I loved the way they mixed the songs and I felt I wanted to be a singer. I heard Taisha say she had travelled around the world and had bought a guitar from New York. I wish I had a guitar. I've never travelled to New York. When Taisha sang, she had a good voice and she sang loudly. They practice every day and they ask themselves questions. Taisha and Tina sang a lot of songs. They are the best.

Tina Cross and Taisha from the band Lady Killers

Thursday 3rd June 2010.

Yesterday, at school we had a visit from two famous singers . They were Tina Cross and Taisha from the Lady Killers. They were talking about their lives and how to become a singer. Next we had question time. They asked each other questions and we asked them some. After that they sang us some songs and we sang with them. We all sang songs called Yellow Bird, In the Jungle and Let It Be. It was a very enjoyable day.