Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skinks and Geckos

Hi. I'm Lyricyst, a Year 6 student at Glenbrae. This is my first movie post. Next time I will have sound on it. Thanks for reading my work. I would love you to comment on my report. My goal was to present facts in a clear and informative way and to add appropriate illustrations. How do you think I did?

The Extraordinary Tuatara

We are just learning about posting videos. That's why I don't have any sound on mine. That is my goal for my next movie.


The Nearly Extinct Tuatara

New Zealand is famous for one of the most endangered species – the Tuatara. Lots of people think that the tuatara is a lizard but it is part of the dinosaur family.

Special Features.
Tuataras have an organ called a third eye on top of their head. They have good eyesight. They can camouflage themselves so predators can’t see them. Tuatara have no ear holes but they can still hear.

Tuatara eat only meat. They eat insects, wetas, lizards and spiders. Tuatara eat eggs, baby birds and even other tuatara. It is a carnivore. A carnivore is something that eats its own kind.

Tuatara have lived in New Zealand since the time of the dinosaurs. Tuatara live in burrows. Tuatara are only found on small islands such as Stephens and Brother’s Islands in Cook Strait.

Endangered Status.

Now tuatara are an endangered species found only in New Zealand. They are close to extinction. There are there not many in the wild. Tuatara are mainly extinct because of hawks, hunters and pigs killing them.

The tuatara is special to New Zealand. We try to protect tuatara from predators because they are one of New Zealand’s reptiles. I wish that I might see one, one day.

By Maiolo F.

NZ Reptiles

In New Zealand there are two lizard species - Geckos and Skinks. They have adapted to cold weather. Geckos and Skinks bask in the sun to get warm so they can catch their prey.


Geckos have broad feet with microscopic hairs that help them climb up walls and trees. Skinks can drop their tails off so they can get away from their predators. Their tails then regrow (and they can drop off again). Geckos have soft velvety skin. The gecko’s skin sloughs off in large pieces. Skinks skin comes off in small pieces. Geckos clean their eyes with their tongue. Skinks don’t need to clean their eyes because they have moveable eye lids.


Skinks and geckos eat insects and smaller animals. Their favourite food is insects and spiders. They eat berries and fruit as part of their diet. Geckos and skinks are omnivores.


Skinks fight each other over sites to bask in. Skinks bask in the sun. Skinks and geckos live in small burrows, but geckos also live under strips of bark off trees.


Some species of Geckos and skinks are found in New Zealand. They might become endangered because there are not many of them in this country, due to the number of predators that have been introduced. Their predators are rats, cats, dogs, mice, stoats, Tuatara and ferrets.


These two reptiles are special to New Zealand. We need to help protect them from predators. We can help stop predators by clearing forests and bushes of their enemies.

By Kitione T