Monday, September 20, 2010

My Art Work Is Called 'My Guiro'

During term 3 , I have been doing my art instruments and stick it to a big chart. We draw different instrument. Our art work for term 3, was drawing like Picasso.We do art works.We drew the quiro. We used shiny papers and also music papers. Picasso has been our model for a cubist art work this term .


Christian's Dad said...

Wow! What an awesome piece of artwork you have done Chris! I am very proud to see you can be able to make it.Please continue on the good work as I know that you have the talent inwhich I never seen before.
Explore more,as I know that you have plenty of talents that you have not put into actions.
Keep it up my son!!

Christian's Uncle said...

Christian,Eventhough you just started in this school but I can see you trying very hard doing your project.
I look forward that you may be an artist in the future.
Well done Tian!!
I wish your parents will proud of you.
Love always
Uncle Mataiasi.

Lose said...

Sup Chris I really like your art work it is so cool I want to have it I wish any way I really love it, some day in the future you will be an artist I really like your art and did you know you got an amazing talent, you were born to be an artist thank to your mum and your dad, you are so cool Chris, Fusi is lucky to have you, you are a good boy and you really you got an amazing talent as a sport dued you are so good