Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waste Wise Audit

Glenbrae School is on it's way to becoming a Waste Wise School.
We had to save all our rubbish from everywhere in the school on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, we had our first ever waste audit. It was hard to remember all the places we needed to collect rubbish from. We nearly forgot Miss Elia's office and The RTLB office. All the waste was taken to the hall for classifying and weighing.
Waveney and Marissa from Waste Wise Schools came to help us with the audit. Twenty five students were selected to be counters, sorters, checkers and recorders. Students from all areas of the school were involved, with the older students helping the younger ones.
We were surprised to see how much stuff we thought was rubbish, could actually be recycled or reused.
Our goal is to be waste wise and REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE much more in the future.

Netbook Rollout

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to Room 7's blog for 2011. We have new Year 6's and lots of Year 5's. We are having a great time getting to know each other and because our netbooks have arrived. We booted them up and are learning what they can do. We hope you enjoy this slideshow showing us on rollout day and that you keep checking back for news on our progress. Have a wonderful year.

From Room 7 and Mrs B