Friday, September 24, 2010

Shapes That Were Never Found By Sariah

This term in Rm7 we have been learning about
musical instruments. I have created a piece of Art based on
Pablo Picasso's art work. I have worked my way up from scratch
to create a successful piece of cubist Art.
I call my art work 'Shapes That Were Never Found'.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Instrument Art work

I drew four different instruments. I did the background for my art work. My art work is called 'The Instrument Art Work'.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gary's Cubist

During term 3 I have been working on my music art .I have used three different instruments and made them out of three different coloured papers. Picasso was the first person to do cubism artwork.
My art work is called 'Gary's Cubist Art'.

Tamika's Piassco look a like.

For the past few weeks, I have chosen four musical instruments to sketch on four different coloured papers. My goal was to choose different textured paper to use, to design my background. The person who inspired me was Pablo Picasso. His art work had all straight blocks. It's called cubist style. I tried to make my art work successful and to make my musical instruments stand out in front of my colourful background.
My art work is called 'Four Different Musical Instruments on a Coloured background'.

By Tamika.

James's Musical Instruments

During term 3, I have been drawing and I drew four different instruments.
The instruments I chose are the Ukelele the Maraca and the tuned bells.
My art work is called Musical Instruments.

Nathaniel's cubist picasso artwork

Our art project for term 3 is around Picasso's cubist work.We started out sketching on scrap paper to doing the real thing.Then we pasted it on a piece of brownish paper with many other colored pieces of paper.I'm thinking of calling it four instruments with color.It was a really thrilling experience creating the artwork.

Musical Magic

Our artwork project for term 3 is based on Picasso because he puts different kinds of musical instruments in his artwork. In my artwork, I have drawn a guiro, a ukulele, a recorder and a maraca.
My artwork is called "Musical Magic'.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ashleighs Amzing Artwork

Over the last few weeks I have chosen four different kinds of instruments. I have sketched
them on different colours of paper. I used textured paper for the background to make it more realistic.
My goal is to make my artwork as accurate as can be
I hope you think I achieved my goal. My artwork is called Musical Instruments.
Our artwork is on Pablo Picasso. His work is so so so fantastic.

Instrument around the world

During term3 I have been drawing four kinds of instrument with four different kinds of paper.

Our art project for term3 is musical instruments. We tried to make an artwork like Pablo Picasso's art.
My artwork is called 'Instruments Around the World'.

Nayan's artwork

During the term, we worked hard on art musical instrument. I chose 4 different musical instruments and there are Guitar, 2 shaker and a recorder because their sound.Sometimes
I hate the guitar because I keep hurt my fingers at once. Then I cut nicely my musical instrument
out, I pasted them on and stuck them on my poster.I'm proud of what I do and try my best.

I hope my parents will be proud of me.

By Nayan

Meli's artwork

Two weeks past I have been working hard on my instrument poster. I chose Guitar, 2 shakers and
a recorder because they were my favourite instruments when I was little girl. Then I cut and pasted the background.

I hope my parents will be proud of me.

By Meli


During term 3 I have been drawing 3 different kinds of instruments to stick on my art work.
Our art project for term 3 is based on Picasso and his brilliant cubist ideas.I just love his piece of art work!
When we saw Picasso's perfect style we thought we would make our own!We had to call our art work something so I called mine The Three Colourful Lost Instruments I hope you like it!

Nepote Shapist

During our term 3 I have been working on my Picasso's cubist art work. It was quite challenging but I got through it by following instructions. I call my art work Shapist

Tupac Glenbrae room7 Picasso cubist artwork

During Term 3, I have been remaking Picasso and his cubist art work. I call it Musical Mayhem.I put my favorite instruments like the guitar,maraca and more. I chose cubist because it's very famous and it looks easy but its harder than it seems.

My Art Work Is Called 'My Guiro'

During term 3 , I have been doing my art instruments and stick it to a big chart. We draw different instrument. Our art work for term 3, was drawing like Picasso.We do art works.We drew the quiro. We used shiny papers and also music papers. Picasso has been our model for a cubist art work this term .

Lisiate's artwork 'Guiro meets Maraca'

During term 3 I have chosen 4 different instruments and drew the 4 coloured papers.
Our art project for term 3 is based on Pablo Picasso because he puts different kind of shapes in his artwork.Picasso has been our model for a cubist art work this week.

Tame'es Famous Picasso Work

Our art project for term3 was about Picasso and his fantastic art called Cubism. It looked cool, so we made our own. We had to call our artwork something so I called mine, 'The Four Musical Instruments'.

Hope you like it.

Tualei's Art work

During Term3 I have been working on my art work and we drew on four different papers.We had a look at the instruments then we drew on the papers.I made a background from papers of different colours and textures.Then I glued my instrument drawing on top.I call my art work 'Intsrument Tiger'.

Myo Htat Art Work

Our art project for term 3.Was musical instruments.We all drew 4 instruments but I only drew 3 it was fun.I like art.We were looking at Picasso he called it cubist but i call mine Myotist

Veronica's Musical Instruments Mix

WOW!!! It's been a very hard term this term. What I've been doing for the last few weeks is finishing some art. I have called it my 'Musical Mix Instruments'.
I tried to make it look 3D and I wanted it to stand out and look old.
I used four different pieces of paper so I could get it to look different from other room 7's artwork .I made the background with all sorts of textured and coloured papers. I hope you love my artwork.


Pene Melvin artwork

Our art work project for term 3 was about instruments.I drew and sketched my instruments on four different coloured papers for the four different instruments.My four instruments are the guitar the maraca the tuned bells and finally the guiro.We had to put instruments with different material textures of papers on our backround.The name for my artwork is 'Colourful And Beautiful'.

Saia's art work

During term 3 I have been looking at Picasso's Art work for my model. First I had to draw up 4 different instruments on 4 different papers. When I finished I chose lots of different materials and coloured papers and I stuck them all on at an angle. The instruments I drew up are a ukulele, tuned bells, a maraca and a guiro.
My famous painting is called Different Colourz!!

Keren's Musical Mix

During our 3rd term, I have been working on a cubist piece of artwork.While I was working on it, I found interesting ways to display my work. When I was working on my art, I had a role model called Pablo Picasso . He inspired me and my class mates to use blocks of colour to make our pictures of instruments stand out. My Instruments represent different textures.
My artwork is called 'The Musical Still Life'.

By Keren Eliu

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Last week, Glenbrae Senior School students had our cross country race. We ran around Leybourne Circle which is 1.5 kilometres.
We had been training hard but it was still very tiring to run that far. All of us were puffed out when we got to the finish line up at the fale.
Nathaniel and Tupac were waiting in the fale to time us.
We are now training hard for our athletics sports next term.