Monday, November 16, 2009

Wellington here we come.

Hi Everyone,
Guess what? We entered a competition ( All we had to do was send in a photo of our class. We've included two of them.) to win a $1 per person flight to Wellington and we were one of the 14 winners! So all 23 of us plus 6 adults are going. Air New Zealand's Jacqui Beaver is organizing the competition and she rang us today to tell us we are going on Monday 7th of December. It's very exciting but we have to be up early as our plane leaves at 6.ooam! We get to go to Te Papa and the Beehive and possibly a couple of other places as well. Aren't we the luckiest class? We will keep you updated as we learn more. At present, we are trying to learn all we can about Wellington. We know Wellington is New Zealand's capital city and that our government is there. Any information from anyone out there will be welcome.
That's all for now.
Room 7
Media Release Team.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fit for Life

Our school is part of the Active Schools contract. As part of our integrated theme around fitness, we have been researching to find the most fun way to do it. Skipping came out as one of the best. Our film shows us in our quest for fitness. We hope this motivates you to try it yourself.
Room 7 would like to thank Mrs Burt for all her help and expertise.