Friday, June 18, 2010

Lost at the Sky Tower

Hello. My name is Tame'e and I am in Year 5. I have written a narrative about being lost. My goals are to use dialogue and entertain my audience. I hope you enjoy my story.


Last night my mum, Inoke and I went to the biggest tower in Auckland. It is called the Sky Tower. When we got there I screamed "YEAH!!!".Then my mum called, "Let's go inside."

We went inside and looked at the beautiful lights and art.
My mum said, "Stay here with Inoke and I'll go to the toilet."
So off she went.
I saw my friend Davinia and I ran towards her and we started talking. I left Inoke on the seat.
When I came back, he was gone. I was so worried about that. Then my mum came back. She saw that I was crying
She said, "Where is Inoke?"I went to the toilet and saw him running to my mum.
I said "Where were you"I was so relieved to see Inoke that I hugged him tight. I told him never to go away by himself again.

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