Friday, July 2, 2010

Maui and The Sun

Hi Everyone,
I hope you enjoy my retell of this famous Maori legend called Maui and the Sun.

One day I woke up early and it was still dark but the sun hadn't risen yet . I'm feeling so excited . Today is a wonderful day to go fishing with my brothers . Maybe I'll tell my brothers .

"Hey guys today is a wonderful day to fishing" .

"No! Last time YOU TURNED YOURSELF INTO A HAWK" replied my first brother .

"Yeah Last time is was a real problem" replied my other brother .

"Ok I won't do that again".

"Ok Let's give him a chance but don't do anything stupid" .

"I promise ", I said cheerfully .

At last we're finally in a waka and we just tried to lower the fishing net into the sea .

"I have a plan let's teach that lazy sun a lesson" .

"But your plans never work" .

"Do you guys have a plan?" .

"Ok it all yours" .

"Here it goes again" .

"Ok here's the plan. We're gonna build a flax net over the Eastern Mountain and then when the sun comes up I'll teach that lazy sun a lesson he'll never forget with granny's jawbone" .

"Guys we have no time for mucking around" .

"Come on you guys, we're going to get the enormous ropes before the sun comes up" I shouted to my brothers . "As soon the lazy sun comes up from behind the Eastern Mountains, we'll
waiting with our flax ropes " .

"Why are you hitting me for? What did I do?!" screamed the lazy sun" .

"You're going to be slowly going across the sky lazy sun," I screamed back.

"Ok I promise I"ll slow down. I'll do anything you say aif you'll just stop hitting me," promised the sun .

"Boys let him go ," I command my brothers" .

"But remember sun! Don't forget " .

"What a wonderful hot day" .

"Hey Maui that was a brilliant plan you came up with ," said my brother .

"I thought your plan would never work ".

"By the way It was nothing ," I said cheerfully .

"Hey guys I think I've got the most HUMUGNGOUS fish I've ever seen in my whole life " .

At least the sun goes slowly now .