Friday, December 14, 2012

Ripper Rugby

Hooray! Every one was so happy that it was Ripper Rugby

Farewell Mrs Boyer

On Tuesday the 11th of December 2012 there was a farewell assembly for Mrs Boyer. All of the classes participated in the assembly. There were 7 groups dedicating their creative dance or song to Mrs Boyer. Families came to the assembly to cheer for their child or children.

My favourite part was when Salelei was dancing with his group. Mrs Boyer was surprised to see her daughter Renee and her grand daughter Ember. After my group and I finished our performance I gave Mrs Boyer her present.

The Headless Ghost

Title:The Headless Ghost
Author:Simon Cheshire
Photographer: Simon Cheshire
The main thing I didn’t like about the story is when the author said that many people say the ghosts haunt the Tower of London.
The part I liked is when the author used very good punctuation in the story.
I feel frightened because I don’t believe in ghosts.

Inquiry Caring

We have been studying about Caring this term. This slide shows shows some of the ideas we are inquiring about.
Room 10.

Science Trip

On Tuesday 20th November, 40 students form Glenbrae School went to Auckland University to learn more about science. We had people to help us with some experiments.
We learned about, absorption, mixing things together, filtering water and, most fun of all, we made slime.
It was a great experience and made us all realise how important science is to our lives.
Laite and Edwina.

Farewell Assembly

Last week  on Tuesday the 11th of December it was Mrs Boyer’s farewell assembly. I liked room 7’s item and room ten’s item. In Room 7’s item  they were dancing to Azonto music and both of their dances was entertaining and amusing.

The assembly was a total surprise because Mrs Boyer’s daughter Renee came and Renee’s daughter Ember came too. Renee’s daughter wrote some lyrics to a remix version of Count on Me.

By Lennyx W

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Glenbrae Students are Scientists

Yesterday, 36 students from Glenbrae were invited to go to Auckland University to learn more about science. BASF chemicals sponsored our trip and paid for the bus and organised all the materials and helpers we needed to conduct our experiments. We learnt about absorption, floating and sinking, water purification and, best of all, how to make slime. We were given an apron (to keep our clothes safe), some rubber gloves to protect our hands and we wore safety glasses. We used chemicals like alum, charcoal, PVA, crystals and food colouring. We used equipment like beakers, droppers, filters and plastic bags. We learnt that science can be FUN!