Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Cooking Menu

This is the menu of what the gardening group ate for their morning tea. The people that were in the group were Lisiate, Christian, Gabriel, Hannah, me (Jerome) and our teacher was Mrs Palmer. On the menu was roast potato with garlic, herbs, carrots, kumera, cooking oil and finally some spinach.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Enjoyed Cooking

On March 2011, we had carrots, garlic, potatoes, herbs, kumera, parsley, pepper, oil and salt. The people who were there were Hannah, Lisiate, Christian, Jerome and Mrs Palmer. We invited Miss Elia to have some of our healthy food. It was ready in 40 minutes We were glad it was ready. Hannah ate the garlic all by itself. Her mouth was hot and spicy so she spat it outside the hall. After Hannah, it was me that ate the garlic. Miss Elia said it was nice. She really liked it. Lisiate was smelling the food. He even closed his eyes so it looked like he was sleeping. The food looked yucky, but it was fabulous. It had no meat.

Smelling Roasty

On March the 17th, the gardeners made roasted potatoes.
We added vegetables with no meat. We added in potatoes, silver beets, herbs, kumera, carrots, garlic and a little bit of salt and pepper.
Later on, at morning tea, I went to check in the kitchen in the hall and suddenly Mrs Palmer excitedly said, “Lisiate come on let’s take a picture of you smelling the food”.
She took a picture of me. The food smelled very roasty.

The Blue Cod

Hi everyone!!
At Glenbrae school we have been learning about water. This week Douglas and I have been researching about the one and only blue cod. Now its time for you to read our famous well written REPORT.
P.S. Hope you learnt more about the blue cod.
Tame'e and Douglas

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cooking Time

On 17 March 2011 Lisiate, Gabriel, Jerome, Hannah and I went to the kitchen with our special gardener teacher called Miss Palmer. We cooked some healthy food and then we went to the garden and got some more vegetables. Mrs Palmer gave me lots of carrots. We scraped the vegetable’s skin and put it in the big pot. Mrs Palmer put the pot in the oven. Miss Palmer let us go for swimming. When the bell rang we came back from swimming. After 5 minutes we went to the kitchen. Lisiate ran to the office and called Miss Elia.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooking from Our School Garden

On 17 March 2011
Christian,Lisiate,Gabriel and I went to the kitchen with our gardening teacher Mrs Palmer. She was teaching us to cook roast carrots,potato,garlic,herbs and pepper. First we chopped the carrots and potatoes. Then we cleared the table for stage two. We got a big tray, put in the chopped carrots and potatoes as well as squashed herbs, garlic and oil. Mrs Palmer put it in the hot oven to roast.
It took 40 minutes to cook. Mrs Palmer carefully removed the hot tray. She invited Mrs Elia in for morning tea. Mrs Boyer had some too.
The roasted vegetables and herbs were delicious. Miss Elia and Mrs Boyer thought so too.
Thanks Mrs Palmer.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last year, all the students at Glenbrae School were lucky enough to have a fun, fantastic visit from Chewy and his friends. They are amazing drummers and they have got heaps of drums, enough for everyone to have one. We had a great time learning some new rhythms from them. We were pretty sad when they left and took their drums with them BUT, thanks to the singers in the fantastic choir who donated their night's takings of $800 to us, we have been able to buy 10 drums for our school. Today, Room 7 got into the rhythm and practised some beats. We're not too bad but we plan on getting much, much better. Watch out for our next drumming post.
Did you notice how Douglas and Lisiate made sure Nunia had a turn with the drum? I felt very proud to have two such helpful, caring boys in my class. Thanks you two. You are great role models.
Everybody else was great at sharing as well. I am lucky to have such a friendly and kind group of students in my class this year. Keep it up everyone.
Mrs B


Room 7 and Glenbrae School teachers had a tutor from Water Safe NZ come to school to help us learn how to be safe. She lent us some life jackets and told us to practise floating and kicking on our backs as this is a good way to stay floating for a long time. Some of us are getting quite good at backstroke and sculling to help us move through the water even without the lifejackets.
How do you think we are doing?

Lisiate Swimming

Hello Everyone,
I am Lisiate and I'm in Year 6 at Glenbrae School. I have been working hard to improve my swimming and breathing. I can swim the whole length without stopping. How do you think I am doing?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello again Everyone,
We are so lucky at Glenbrae School because we have our own pool. Mrs Cooper, our caretaker, looks after it carefully so we can learn to swim and have fun in this hot weather.
We have so much fun swimming at lunchtimes. We take it in turns. Today was the girls turn and we had a handstand competition.