Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today I have been doing my maths in Mathsmagician. I was doing my nine divided and I score 100% in 26 seconds.All I have to do is to just learn my 2 to 9 timestable.

math magician

Today I went on a website called math magic to learn my subtraction by 6 and if you want to go on math magic then here is a link that is high light in blue

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the West Coast of New Zealand, there has been a 6.8metre flood. If I was there I would feel terrified. Imagine a flood like that in Auckland. I feel sorry for cows that have been electrocuted in the flood.
By Alex.


The flood can cause a lot of problems. If it hit the powerlines and they fall down, it will kill people and animals.
Some animals were very lucky because they were saved by helicopters that lifted them out of the water and onto higher ground.
By Mary
The flood on the West Coast was caused by a storm. This was a bad day in their lives.They were filling sandbags for the flood wall.
The powerlines fell down and electrocuted some cows.

By Lee

The floods on the West Coast was caused by a storm. The Greymouth wall is strong and holding the water back. The storm has flooded the farms and brought down powerlines and electrocuted some cows.
By Tama

West Coast Floods

Have you ever heard about a flood? Because last night in the South island there was a flood.Many people were rescued from helicopters.
When the flood began some elderly people got hurt. Many powerlines fell down on house's.
The flood in the West Coast of New Zealand heaps of rain cost flooding stranded residents, road closed and brought down power lines. The Grey River rose 6.8 metres last night. In 1997 there was a big flood, It was 6.9 metres deep. A little town at the the West Coast of New Zealand (Greymouth) build barrier to protect their town.

west coast flood

The flood on the west coast was devasted by a huge rain .That why it cause a big flood.There were roads close ,power line broken an their were no power.There were 2 people save by and helicopter.Cows were save to by an helicopter.

The West Coast floods

This is a sad story about the flood that happen in the west coast of the south island and the power line had fell because their were flood
and the road was closed and the cars couldn't move.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My maths.

Today I've been on a maths site called mathematician. I am so glad I got 100% and 47 seconds. But next time I will try and do it under 30 second. I tried my best.

Ripper Rugby

Wow! Yesterday our whole class went outside to play ripper Rugby with Hamish. It was a lot of fun we all had a great time when we came out we had to get a belt. When we all got our belt we were spit up in 3 and team and we had so much fun the first team won that was Christan's team.

Tama's Orienteering Post

WOW! its the orinteering cup of the world 2011
but there are only 17 orienteer clubs thoughout New Zealand. Some people are practising orienteering. People are running though Western Springs and making sure adults keep their kids safe and away from the road. They watch for people and suport them by cheering and helping them go.

By Tama

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Go Cart Fundraising

This post goes out to Parnell Rotary Club to thank them for their support with our fundraising at the Xtreme Go Carts on Friday night.
We had 6 teams of enthusiastic drivers vying for the honour of driving the fastest lap or winning the team prize.
As usual we had members of the Glen Innes police supporting us, as well as staff and other friends of the school helping raise money.
Everyone had a fun, if noisy,evening. The raffle draw was very successful for Glenbrae staff with prizes going to Phillipa Dunbar and Jay Boyer.
Thanks once again to Parnell Rotary Club members and everyone else who attended.
We really appreciate your efforts.

Go-cart Fundraiser 2011 from Glenbrae Room 7 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fireworks Day

Wow!! It's time for Guy Fawkes night.And everyone is excited.Then everyone in our family and our next door neighbour,came to watch our fireworks that we did outside our house.But if you have any pets just make sure that they're safe so thay can't get injured by the fire works.So if you are doing fireworks please keep your cats and dog inside your house.