Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taisha and Tina Cross

Tina and Taisha are really good singers. In this video clip, they are singing the Bob Marley song 'Let There Be Love'. They came to Glenbrae Primary School to tell us if we had a dream to be a singer or anything else, we should just do it and not let anything stop us. I loved the way they sang because they sang in nice voices and they could play music on their guitar. I would like to learn to play the guitar so I can sing lots of songs.


Mr. Gaffney said...

Hi there Room 7. You were so lucky to have such talented singers.Remember to follow your dreams and continue to work hard.

Miss Elia said...

Hi Tualei
I loved what you wrote about Tina and Taisha's visit. I hope you do learn to play the guitar. You could go to the music school at Tamaki Intermediate School to learn on Saturday mornings.