Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Class of 2010

Here are some of us saying our final goodbyes for 2010. We've had a successful year and I hope it's been good for all of you too.
Room 7 and Mrs Boyer

Christmas Wish

Hi Everyone,
Room Seven just wants to wish all our supporters and readers all the very best for Christmas and for 2011. Thank you very much for your comments which encouraged us to keep going. Many of us are off to new schools and we hope we will be able to keep up with our e-learning and blogging. Look for us on the Tamaki Intermediate blog site from February 2011.
Room 7 Students and Mrs Boyer
PS Merry Kiwi Christmas to Katya from Waikato University from the secret Christmas elf

Hop Scotch

Hi I'm Sariah and the illustration up above is a picture of the Hop Scotch I drew.
Can you tell me which Hop Scotch is
right? Are they all right or all wrong? Is just one right? Just comment and tell me.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mangroves

Mangroves are trees that grow in salt or fresh water. The Mangroves have special seeds. Magroves are special because they provide food for sea creatures. Mangroves are self seeding.Mangroves feed fish and those fish provide food for humans.Mangroves trap sediment and help keep the water clean. There are a variety of animals that live in the Mangroves including Mudskippers. The mangroves are important because they stop the sediment from dirtying the ocean and they provide a home for fish.


Mangroves look like small trees except that they grow in the sea. Mangroves are a very helpful plants because they provide a home for sea creatures, food for insects and sea creatures as well. Did you know their roots that are filled with oxygen help us breathe.

Mangroves live in clean water or salty water which is called an estuary. They also need sunlight so they can grow. While they are growing, they need space so they don't interfere with the others.

Mangroves provide food , a home and their prop roots give us oxygen to breathe through. They have special fruit for snails and other species.

There are many sea creatures that live there: mud crabs, mud skippers, crabs and others.

Other animals live there as well: birds, butterflies and many more.

Mangroves are important because if they weren't invented then sea creatures wouldn't have a home, some food humans use their prop roots for oxygen to breathe.

I think mangroves are very important and they should not die. They are important, if they weren't there we won't have any oxygen to breath through.