Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lyricyst, Utufiu, Jeremiah Research Dolls and Action Figures

Hi, our task was to choose a topic about toys to research. We chose to investigate the differences between dolls and action figures. We searched on the internet, we surveyed the class members and used our own ideas to answer our questions.
The trickiest part was putting our answers together. We solved this problem by working as a team and pooling our ideas.
We also tried to speak clearly in our presentation.
We hope you find our research interesting and we would love to hear any feedback about our presentation.


Manaiakalani said...

Well done Room 7 and the makers of this podcast. You have done a fabulous job on many levels. I enjoyed hearing about your investigation and the ideas you came up with. I think this may have been your first podcast and you have done an excellent job of it technically. I will look forward to seeing the next one you do because you people sure have talent!
Mrs Burt

Timothy Cox said...

Very good presentation, clear and easy to understand. In addition, I really liked how you displayed your information on graphs. This made it very easy to understand what makes a good action figure or doll.

Tim Cox