Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fit for Life

Our school is part of the Active Schools contract. As part of our integrated theme around fitness, we have been researching to find the most fun way to do it. Skipping came out as one of the best. Our film shows us in our quest for fitness. We hope this motivates you to try it yourself.
Room 7 would like to thank Mrs Burt for all her help and expertise.


Room14 said...


your movie was cool it looked like you guys had a lot of fun creating the movie and how did you learn how to skip so fast.

From Toko.

Room14 said...

Heya Glenbrae school,

I really like the way that room 7 have been learning how to skip.The really best thing I like about this movie is that boys were involved in this sport.COOL MOVIE.Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!

Room14 said...

Hey room7.

I did not know you can skip for a long time.
I wish you can teach me one day.Your class looks very fit.I like the part how you were playing double douch it was awesome.
Keep up the good work.

From Chelsea.

Room14 said...

Hi GlenBraer
I really liked your movie.The coolest part was when you guys were skipping.It looked like you were exercise.


Miss Paton said...

Hi Room 7,

I liked your skipping movie. It was wonderful watching you smile as you were doing your skipping. I loved skipping when I was at school, but could never do Dutch skipping like you did in your movie. I think my timing was a bit wrong.
Keep up the great work and exercise.


Ms Squires said...

Great movie Room 7. Skipping sure looks like lots of fun. I think we should give it a go here at Point England.
Ms Squires

Miss Elia said...

Malo e lelei, room 7
I thought your movie was terrific. I was amazed at how fast and how long you could skip.

Mrs Burt said...

Congratulations Room 7. You pulled this off very well, and I agree with one of the comments above - it is extra cool to see how good your boys are at skipping! I thought your presenters added a great deal to your film by explaining so clearly and confidently why you made a skipping video.
Well done!

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Well done Room 7,
It was great to see you all participating in the movie and really giving it a go. I thought it was a great way to show people other ways of having fu n and keeping fit.

Miss Lavakula

Anonymous said...

Hi GlenBrae .
I could see yous were having alot of FUN!
You've must have been exhausted afterwards .

Setaita Ata

spxroom6 said...

Skipping is good exercise to build up your heart-rate. We have done lots of skipping here at St. Pius. Last year we had a Jump For Heart Day.
Keep up the great movie making.
Room 6 Literacy Class.

Tim Cox said...

Help! your skipping really impressed me. Also liked the music you selected for the video.

Tim Cox