Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Our purpose for making this podcast is to present the results of our research. We visited M.O.T.A.T to help us answer our thinking questions. We also had to write a script for this interview. We worked well together as a group and helped each other learn our words so we could speak clearly and with expression. We hope you learn something about robotic toys.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Kitione, Marcellin and Nathan
I really enjoyed your presentation about robotic toys. Surveying the class was a great way to get information. I thought it was excellent the way you illustrated what you were saying with relevant pictures. Good on you!

Sandy said...

Kia ora Kitione, Marcellin and Nathan

I did enjoy your post I liked the way you organised the interview questions and the way you spoke in an interesting way.

What habits of mind did you use to get this work done?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kitone, Marcellin and Nathon, I have just reurned from the ULearn Conference in Christchurch where I saw a display on Robotics. Could you tell me about the robotic equipment you are using? Have you continued to make more robots?
Keep up the good questioning. Its really exciting to learn about robots. I saw some students in an Australian school learning with Robots and they were all dressd up as dancers.
Cheers Pauline McLeod

Tim Cox said...

Hello, guys enjoyed your talk on Robotic toys. Was impressed how much information you could inpart in such a short time.

Tim Cox