Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Room 7 and Glenbrae School teachers had a tutor from Water Safe NZ come to school to help us learn how to be safe. She lent us some life jackets and told us to practise floating and kicking on our backs as this is a good way to stay floating for a long time. Some of us are getting quite good at backstroke and sculling to help us move through the water even without the lifejackets.
How do you think we are doing?


Hannah said...

Hi girls that was good swimming you did there.I was so glad with your best swimming.
I really hope you enjoyed your swimming like I was.

chanel said...

Hi room7 that was wonderful backstroke.

apii said...

Well room 7 girls that was so awsome it was so cool keep it up and I enjoyed watching it

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Deandra said...

I LOVED your video you have
maded Mary.

Deandra said...

I hope you can make another

Tauola and Deandra said...

Hey Layla we liked your video but we think you need more practice.