Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glenbrae School Mosaic Making

We had to make mosaic tiles for the Human Sundial that is part of our makeover. It was tricky to get the right amount of adhesive on the piece of tile and to get it stuck in the right place. I think we might be the only school in Auckland to have a human sundial. There is one in the children's garden at the Botanic Gardens in Manurewa.


Barb said...

A human sundial sounds fascinating. Would love to hear more about it. What makes it a human sundial? I will look forward to watching it when it is ready.

Summerland Primary said...

fascinated by the human sundial - can;t wait to see more of the progress - sounds like an awesome project!

Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Hey Jimmy you have done a great job with the Human sundial. Your school is going to be proud of you.

By James and Saia