Friday, May 1, 2009

Skinks in New Zealand

Skinks are ground and tree dwelling. They are small and fast moving. Rainbow skinks are the smallest lizards in New Zealand. The Australian people brought the skinks to New Zealand.

This kind of lizard can drop its tail to confuse its predators. In time, lizards can grow another tail. Their skin is smooth and tight. All skinks have shiny skin. They have ear holes. They can camouflage themselves so they can hide from their predators.

They eat kawakawa plants. Lizards eat a variety of food. They sometimes eat insects. Skinks eat bugs, which are delicious to them. They are omnivores.

Many different Skinks live in grasslands. You may find some skinks in bushes as well. They can sometimes be on clay banks to bask in the sun. Skinks habitats have been destroyed, to build shopping centres and houses. They can also live in sandy beaches.

These lizards are not endangered because they have been looked after. There are lots of skinks on different Islands. Skinks are safe from extinction. Different people are helping our skinks so they can stay alive.

Skinks are small and precious. Skinks are special to New Zealand. Every body hopes that the skinks will stay alive.
By Siosaia T


Manaiakalani said...

Great writing Siosaia. I love the way you wrote, 'skinks are small and precious". We do need to look out for them and protect them, don't we.
Mrs Burt

Miss Elia said...

Malo e lelei, Siosaia
I learned a lot from your report about skinks. It is good to know they are not endangered. Do you know what it is that people are doing to help them survive?

Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Mum and Dad saw your work Siosaia and are very proud of you. Keep it up.

Mr Cox said...

Enjoyed your blog.I learned lots of new facts about skinks