Thursday, May 28, 2009

Myth Rona and the Moon

Hi. Here I am again like I promised. This time I've got sound! We have been writing myths about objects in space. This is a retell of the Maori myth "Rona and the Moon'. Our learning intention is:
To rewrite the story in our own words so that someone who has never heard the story before will understand what happens.
I would like feedback about how you think I did please.
Also this was the first recording I have made.
My learning Intention is:
To speak loudly and clearly so that all my words can be easily heard.
Please tell me how you think I did so I can be better next time.
Thank you for listening.


Mrs Burt said...

Hi there Lyricyst, I am quite blown away by the quality of your writing and your recording. First, I don't remember hearing that story about Rona and the Moon before and your retelling was fabulous. You gave so much detail that it was easy to follow, but you kept it moving along (pace) to keep my interest in the story to the end.
You reading was wonderful. I think you must have rehearsed that a lot to be able to read it so smoothly.
Well done
Mrs Burt

Miss Paton said...

Hi Lyricyst,

When Mrs. Boyer said she's got some videos on the blogsite, I couldn't resist going on and checking out how my old class is doing.
Well done with retelling your myth. I liked how you used expression with the speaking parts. It's not easy retelling a story, but I think you did very well.

Keep up the great work,

From Miss Paton

S said...

You spoke clearly and Room 2 will learn alot to help them write their own retelling. Thanks for being a great role model. Keep it up Lyri.

Tim Cox said...

Very good, you spoke very clearly and loudly enough so I could understand the story.Furthermore, the story flowed very well.

Tim Cox