Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Extraordinary Tuatara

We are just learning about posting videos. That's why I don't have any sound on mine. That is my goal for my next movie.


Laura said...

Hi Erika

You have some very interesting information in your slideshow. How amazing that they have three different types of eyes! I would love to see a tuatara one day.
Sometimes your slides moved too fast for me and I couldn't read all the information.

Well done for getting your slideshow posted.
From Laura, a friend of your teacher's daughter!

Manaiakalani said...

Well done Erika. You have an interesting collection of photos and information on your slideshow. I have only ever seen a Tuatara in the zoo. It would be so cool to see one in the wild wouldn't it?
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika it is me Maiolo.I love your presention.It is colourful.

Keep it up!By Maiolo and Manase

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika it me Manase, I really like your presitation and your slide show.

Keep it up!!!

By Manase